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Scooters – the only way to experience Key West

People come to Key West to unwind, let loose, and reconnect with your inner self. Leave the noise, traffic jams, and confinement of cars behind you in that so called “Real Life”, and lose yourself in the magic of Key West. First thing you’ll notice on the island is that every local rides a scooter – it’s an essential part of that hassle-free existence that makes people move here. Just think: you can park virtually anywhere, your gas expense is extremely minimal, and above it all what can compete with the feeling of absolute freedom as you cruise by the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sun and ocean breeze on your skin.

So your first step to getting immersed in the local groove is renting a scooter.  And HydroThunder is here to help. We take great pride in replacing our equipment every year, so our customers can enjoy the comfort and style of the latest Yamaha models on the market.

Once the scooter rental is secured you are on your way to experiencing the island like a true Key Westerner.

Start your day with a quick stop at Sandy’s Café, grab a cup of café con leche and a breakfast sandwich and head over to the White Street Pier. Enjoy your breakfast at one of the tables on the beach and let the sound of the ocean and the peacefulness of the early morning envelope your whole being. Once the breakfast is finished you will be faced with the toughest decision of the day: do I let myself be seduced by the azure waters and sandy beach for a day of pure leisure, or do I motivate myself to hop back on the scooter and do a bit of sightseeing.

Assuming you decide to go with the second option, we‘ll head over to the Southernmost Point to snap a quick picture of that famous buoy and make our way to the Hemingway House. The guided tour at Hemingway House is not to be missed. As you tour the beautiful grounds, the guides will entertain you with plenty of outrageously funny stories about Hemingway’s days in Key West. You will hear the story of the urinal from Sloppy Joes, the story of the pocketful of change in the concrete by the pool, and why the famous writer insisted on buying the house right across from the lighthouse, among many other entertaining Key West legends about Hemingway

The Key West lighthouse is open to public, so if you are feeling up to it, you can climb the stairs all the way to the top for some breathtaking views of the island.

On to Shipwreck Museum to relive the life of the wreckers that at one point made Key West one of the richest cities in America. And afterwards, since it’s just around the corner, make a quick stop at the famous Mel Fisher Museum to look at the treasures.

Bet you are getting hungry after all this sightseeing. Time to hop on your scooter again and head over to the Historic Seaport at Key West Bight – locals’ favorite spot for lunch and happy hour. There you can have your pick of numerous waterfront restaurants that serve great seafood in a very casual laid back surrounding.

After long leisurely lunch, it’s time for a nice drive over to Fort Zachery Taylor Park. Jump in the welcoming ocean for a brisk swim, and then stretch out on the beautiful beach for a much needed afternoon nap.

As the sun starts to go down, your much needed scooter will get your over to Sunset Pier just in time for a delicious tropical cocktail to sip on while watching the sun slip away into the ocean.

In the evening your scooter comes to the rescue once again (aren’t your feet grateful?) Why waste time on overly crowded Duval restaurants, if within minutes your scooter can bring you to such amazing hidden gems as Seven Fish, Louie’s Backyard, Azure, Hogfish, and Michael’s.

After dinner, sadly we might have to part with our beloved scooter, as it is definitely best to experience on foot the unpredictable, delightfully bizarre, and oh so fun bars of Duval Street. Who knows where the night will take you. One thing for sure you’ll have plenty of stories to share the next day.

Ready to start your tour? Rent your scooter, here!